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Chapter 05: July 2015

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Actions and words

I’d dare to think that there is no more significant order than to act according to one’s thoughts as if they were about a young utopia for society. All that we wish for, but only a few make it.

We are what we do, and we’ll be who we wish to be in the end. Is there anything more beautiful than living the life we dream of? Yes. Following it.

You agree with yourself on the way, on this adventure called life, in this path, in the end, of phases that are so different. Let’s be wind, water, or fire because when we’re on earth, there will be nothing left but dust and all that we have marked on our way, and that’s when the how and when will resound more than ever. That how and when will be all that will be left of us.

Let’s be wind: let’s learn to fly and not limit our imagination. Let’s be water: let’s know to fit in, mold ourselves to our surroundings, and study our ecosystem and its behavior. Let’s be fire: no obstacle can stop us from reaching our goals. Let’s be because we’ll be only earth and memories when we stop being.

Life should be measured in instants. Let’s make those part of the memories of those with whom we share those moments.

To listen unnoticed

Sometimes all we need to do is to listen. To stop, meditate, and observe. In the same way, we need to be heard; we need to listen to the world to comprehend it and show it that we’re with it and the world with us.

In the same way, I like going unnoticed, but only for the world, not myself. I’m not too fond of the idea of being famous or popular. I prefer anonymous heroes, like those considered crazy in their epoch, mainly because they were different, just because they took other roads. I like peace and tranquility. I want to enjoy my moments of solitude, reflection, of inner order.

I like to express myself, mainly when alone, as I have to listen to myself.

What is clear

We all have moments of clarity now and then. I want to record this moment so that, when I forget it, I can remember it or at least read it, never to lose sight of it.

Many things are still unclear, such as what I have to grow or what needs time to evolve, but there is one that I have clear enough: I would never want to work if forced.

I’m not a fan of “forced work,” referring to working on something I don’t want. The type of work where I’d have to get up day after day to do something I don’t want to do, do something that doesn’t motivate me or thrill me, that doesn’t complete me or add anything, something that will be left obsolete in the short future, something that I did not choose nor will want to select.

I don’t want to work. I don’t want a job; I enjoy challenges and continue with non-stop growth. I want to develop myself as an architect and artist in my profession. I want each morning to be a new challenge. I want each sentence I write to be flawless, just as I want to improve it the following day. Because if there is one true thing that needs to be learned with time, no matter how well you do something, it can continuously be enhanced. And it is not at all something negative. On the contrary, that’s the real improvement!

I don’t like monotony, conformism, or much less. I am in love with time. I try to be with it whenever I can. I try to take a moment to enjoy and innovate with it: to create projects, complete them, improve, turn them completely around, not stop thinking about them, and to use a side thought that sometimes will take them to achieve success.

It’s all about proposals. To learn three new things each day will make it twenty a week and around ninety a month. Don’t you think it’s worth trying?

The question is straightforward: if someone before you made it possible, couldn’t you? No doubt it. I will raise the stakes if no one before you has done it. Does that mean that you can’t be the first? Is everything invented already? We are still working on that. What do you think we do each day other than creating ourselves? Reinvent ourselves, clarify ideas, and order our thoughts. If nothing else, what is clear is what I want to be. And I will be.