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Chapter 01: March 2015

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In one drink

It is funny to go hand in hand with time, first feeling so many things, so many emotions concentrated instantly, and second, without meaning the same emotions.

I try not to fall, but it’s impossible: sooner or later, you rush yourself; one way or another, we all must drop. And I will not talk about getting up, not this time. I will talk about understanding reason and understanding ourselves.

Beyond overcoming things, there is the understanding of the reason. What failed? Why did it fail? It is not a matter of finding someone to blame but to find solutions. Even before doing that, one has to search for the actual reason. Do you think there is none?

I do not believe in destiny. I do not believe in anything other than the value of each person.

It is impossible to know everything, and we should not want to. We need to learn how to delegate responsibilities without ever forgetting our own. We must comprehend and understand ourselves. To be realistic and never lose focus.

“Don’t miss out on anything. Enjoy, but don’t drink life in a single sip.” That was one of the most valuable advice my uncles gave me before I parted on this journey.

Understanding and pursuit. It is never useless to talk to yourself to organize your thoughts and stop them from bringing you down.

Everything should be born from passion and sanity. Because all love has a minimum sincerity, and sanity is what allows passion to remain alive.

Everything should be born from sincerity and the desire for passion.

For the music

Cold… a bit, but not enough to stop thinking.

Constantly agitated reforms, but fun. As if it was a game, the most authentic we could play. I raise the volume, breathe, and direct my stare to myself. I don’t see myself. I look for myself, but it’s not me who finds me. I raise the volume.

I can’t recognize myself. How long has it been? When was the last time we played blithely on the streets? I can’t remember anymore…

For the music that accompanied me on the rainy days, the sunny ones, the ones filled with tears, and the ones with joy. The soundtrack of the life, of our lives. When was the last time we thanked it for its company?

That company that listens to us and tucks us in, even on the coldest nights. Naked or dressed, In bed or on a walk. Listen, and you will not be able to escape its charm. We must learn to smile and live in love, but we must listen above all.

It is the one who writes. Profound, rebellious, furious, relaxed. In constant evolution, with an eagerness to overcome herself. We can find it organized, chaotic, with a smile, with its arms open, and to hold us and not let us go.

Learn to listen, learn from it, and with it.

The art of learning

Daydreaming. Remembering. Thinking about everything that has changed, what will change, what arouses each day, in each proposal we make ourselves, in each breath.

Get sick, and sick with life. Thinking in the dark. Imagining a dreamy future. A future that, even in our childhood, we feared being too good, an impossible end.

Just talk. Try it as well as you can; no one is born knowing how to talk. Learn how to talk. Conquer yourself. Get up each day as if it was the last. Some days pass, and when they do, we don’t realize they happened. Don’t allow that. Fall in love with your life and future as you learn to distinguish your reality and see and understand your surroundings and ecosystem.

Listen to the sun. It’s a reason for joy. Move, give yourself a few minutes a day. Play with your life. Enjoy your growth more and more. Challenge yourself like never before and show yourself how wrong you were not long ago. Compare yourself, always with yourself first. Say yes to everything you can and will, but do not forget to say no.

Cheer yourself up! Cheer yourself in a way you never have! Grow, dream, live, be. You’re all art, and your lifestyle depends only on you. It’s your attitude that will determine your quality of life.

Write if necessary; if not, listen to your thoughts. We must organize them frequently, or they will rust. Enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. You are everything and the most significant thing you have. Care for it in a way you would never have imagined years ago.

You are all art. Form yourself, be patient, and you’ll be talking when you least expect it.

Cheer yourself up in a way you never have! Dare to smile while learning.

We are a reflection

What do we do each day? Where is the echo of our actions? These are a few of the most exciting questions we can ask ourselves, which almost made me lose my mind back in the day.

We are a reflection of ourselves. We couldn’t be anything else. Each day is a new opportunity to do everything we still haven’t done and to repeat everything with which we feel complete: our thoughts, crazes, goals, our journey.

We must transmit to the world everything we want to feel from life. We are our hope and chance. What we do will have an echo, not in eternity, but in our tomorrow. It will respond when we get up each day and look at the world in the eye with a hopeful glance. It will be our reflection, as we are the world.

Each instant is vital to understand the real sense and ourselves.

Smiling without reason is pointless, but don’t we have many reasons? Let’s take care of our reasons. It’s our most significant task: to smile with reason. Let’s rise higher than ever. Let’s learn to fly, to dream, not to settle.

Let’s give ourselves a reflection, a glance, a breath, a “cheer”!

Let’s reflect on who we want to be. Let’s be unique and essential to ourselves, different, original, and unpredictable.

Let’s be bright and never stop shining. Let’s fall in love with our image as we are its reflection.