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Chapter 03: May 2015

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Is there anything more relative than time? A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a pause.

Like the first time we dreamed of, that moment was like an encounter after that much time. Like that result that we see with satisfaction after our efforts.

What is time? I see time as our tester — the one that teaches and corrects, the one that involves us directly in life. We could see it frequently as our enemy, like a liar with its absence, but I prefer to see it as a gift and outcome of our patient. We shouldn’t have a reason to have it, yet, there it is, waiting for us.

Sometimes we wish it would pass. Let’s be us who face time against it and in its favor. Let’s learn; let’s adapt our sail to its wind.

How much time will it take us to learn to live? The answer is straightforward: an entire life. Therefore, let’s not be afraid to make mistakes. Enjoy each pause, every moment, any instant, all words, every second in which we are genuinely ourselves, to fight against our time.

About being worried

A new day, a further reflection. For her, my days, but above all, my nights.

Again, tired, shouldn’t we? Of course, we should. Sometimes storms are coming, or at least that’s what we think. We get used to anticipating problems, thinking they are already here, and without noticing, we find them before they start being. That’s when the game begins when it should not.

Anticipating life is okay, but exaggerating these expectations can lead to mistakes because we can never be sure of our assumptions. We must prepare ourselves for the future but never focus too much on “possible” scenarios that didn’t happen yet. What a stupid idea, though. Thousands of things can happen until then!

The turns that life gave and will give. The number of variables that govern our surroundings. The number of parameters, possibilities, and opportunities. Those amounts are uncountable!

There are and should be preoccupations, of course. We must learn to have responsibilities and to worry about them. That’s why I say: “Let’s not allow non-existent ideas to ruin even a second for us!” Let’s anticipate some future, but be careful carrying too much uncertainty. Don’t waste time with unnecessary distractions.

We already have enough worries with the work-life requirements to be worrying about situations or possible results.

Get up and face yourself; you can go for it all. Don’t let a false and sad illusion damage a day. Don’t hurry when it’s not necessary. Patience is one of the most tasteful virtues. We need to give ourselves a little time to reflect. Everything will be okay.

Each different path

Create, enjoy, imagine, think, dream, and cry for happiness if necessary. Express and be yourself; that’s the most beautiful thing: improvise on each path in life.

What is our passion? What are we waiting for to make our day-to-day real? Is there anything more natural than ourselves? I don’t think so.

How many alternatives do we have? How many choices? How many possible paths? Which path will we choose for today? For what will you be remembered today? Today, you can choose. Would you please go out and breathe everything you deserve? Breathe as if there was no tomorrow; enjoy each breath, each sigh.

Each different path is there as if it were the last. It’s one of the biggest things in our life: the ability to choose. We create our way and enjoy doing it, walking towards everything, without stopping on our journey. Don’t miss out on anything!

Dream and fight for it. Let’s think that time is in our imagination as an illusion; this is the most beautiful thing. Write for yourself. We are going to a safe port, I am sure.

We are here to show ourselves what we are worth. That is our most significant duty: beating ourselves. Let’s create our path, something unique that no one could have ever imagined. Can you feel it? It’s you!

On the death

If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you do today? Would you go to someone? Who would you go somewhere? What would you do on the last day of your life? Do you think you could do something significant? Write? Go out? Think? Sleep until everything happens?

What if tomorrow you find you have cancer? Would it change your life completely? What if you lost your mother tomorrow? Wouldn’t it change anyway?

I am only afraid of what can slip through our fingers, of what doesn’t depend on us. We shouldn’t fear death itself, but the fact of not living the life we would have wanted to live. Let’s worry about what is necessary. Please do not live in fear, but don’t forget that she will always lurk.

What have we done in our life? For what things will we be remembered? Will we be recognized? Do you think you could do something significant today if you died tomorrow? Stupid and fool if you did nothing in your life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself due to your lack of will. Go out and seek your determination to do so! Let’s fight death if necessary.

Let’s leave foolishness once and for all. Stop not believing in yourself! You are the only one that can fight against yourself!

You will win. That’s why you’re here. Everything will be fine, as it cannot be any other way. You will make an extraordinary life so that your last day is the least of your problems. And when that day comes – and be sure it will come – it will be the least of your problems. That day should not matter at all compared to all the other ones.

That day will be the end of your immense phase as Superman of all that you have been. Beyond simple mortality. Beyond an idea or concept. You will be yourself. And then it shall be the day when you will be happiest because you will have lived.

Be proud when the day comes and you look back and see everything you have created, as not everyone can say the same. Let’s be part of your grandeur, of yourself. Fight against all odds to someday become a superman.