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Chapter 09: November 2015

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To the Motive

There has always been a purpose. There always will be. Something to keep in mind. Cause and motivation for our writings. Our actions, as well as decisions, are governed and inspired by a motive.

Motivation as a fundamental basis. Vital, I would even dare to say, because without motivation, one could not live, and I’m not talking about simple breathing. It is what inspires us to create, to smile, and to fight against the current if necessary. Our motivation is our inspiration, our muse, the one who gives us courage, who reminds us of the value of what we are carrying out, and who dreams alongside us.

Ideas, illusions, sorrows, aspirations… All are born from our most emotional selves, wanting to feel fulfilled always within the limits of our possibilities. For the motive and by itself. Cause and cause of its existence. For its elegance, I write to it: to motivation.

Who else but she inspires me to write to you? I write to you, who suggest and give me more than enough reasons to express all this that I so eagerly want to convey. For my motivation, for herself. For knowing more than anyone what to desire and to what extent. For being mine. For questioning and helping me. For being me.

To my motive, my motivation.

My Project, Our Project

Our project doesn’t have to be common or even shared, but I’m sure both of us would like the same goal: to achieve it. And there is nothing more satisfying than achieving our goals, from those we set in the past to those born just a few seconds ago. Time doesn’t matter when it comes to creating oneself.

Let’s change, breathe, and evolve without losing our essence, being the ones who decide. There will be no prayer or creed to guide us. Let’s enjoy ourselves and our decisions, as well as our mistakes; but above all, let’s learn from them— from our decisions! Let’s not stop, let’s keep moving forward. We will manage to surprise ourselves, without a doubt.

Maturity is not achieved with age but with experience.

To Necessary Mediocrity

To necessary mediocrity. The before and after.

To what extent and with what certainty can we play at refuting ourselves? Thinking in reverse, believing that we are really deceiving ourselves.

How can we not be sad or depressed with our entire past? It is our focus that will have the final say about our attitude and person. How could we smile today? Thinking about everything we have learned and are doing now.

Learning as anticipation. Anticipating the mistake but without fear that it will happen, and if it does, let’s face it without fear because it will be nothing more than an emotion and illusion; and there will be none that we cannot control.

Your Last Day

Who can assure us that we will wake up the next day? With what certainty can we confirm that tomorrow we will wake up to continue our routine? Who would dare to be so unconscious as to ignore these questions?

How would you like to end your last day? Whom would you like to have in mind?

Let’s think about that day for a moment. Let’s look back. What can we see? How satisfied are we really? What would we like to have changed? What would we like to have improved? What would we have really liked to do instead of what we did?

Words are unnecessary due to the great obviousness of what I will write next, but I’m afraid I must reflect it: we should ask ourselves these questions every night before going to sleep. Talk to ourselves, laugh, express ourselves, and listen to ourselves, but above all, understand ourselves. We are who we are, but above all, we have to be who we really want to be.

No one can assure us that we will wake up the next day. No one can assure us of a tomorrow, except us, our effort, and our willpower. Our last breath will be determined by our actions.

Everyone can have ideas. More or less brilliant. Even brilliant. But only the few who dare to turn those ideas into reality will be the ones who make a difference.

Know our duties, perform them, and understand them to feel fulfilled.

Let’s transcend!

Leave a Mark

It won't be enough to wish
and leave in past days.
It will only remain if we want,
even if we continue very tired.

Without a posthumous date and waiting,
without delay... we remain.
Everything will always come in its time.
Calm, for we will be.

A little more, don't retire,
remember those sunny days.
It is enough just to look:
no more erased memories.

Look for new challenges to do.
At late hours, without delay.
You must seek to be born again;
let that moment be now.

Feel, grow, die of laughter.
Live each day dreaming.
Please, don't be in a hurry,
with time everything will change.

It is time that keeps us
a countdown that endures
until our day comes.
And our word matures.

I will conclude as a master said:
"The future is something inevitable.
The sooner we make it ours,
the sooner it will become kind."