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Chapter 18: August 2016

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I’m back to being myself

I don’t want to end this adventure just yet. I’m sharing my experiences and thoughts from these years, trying to gather the ones I can, even though some thoughts chose not to be written for reasons unknown.

I am back to being the one who writes to you, feels you, and thinks about you—the one who writes for himself and you who are reading me.

I am back to eating healthy, feeling alive, and exercising regularly. Taking care of myself and genuinely caring about what I do. I am back to avoiding losing my head in tornadoes that lead to unnecessary confusion. I am back to feeling alive and, with that, happy with myself and what I do.

I am aware that life consists and will consist of constant ups and downs. Sometimes seemingly arbitrary, where disorientation and concerns may cloud us on who knows how many consecutive occasions… but let that not take away our breath or our desire for self-improvement.

It has been a journey filled with countless experiences, where responsibilities and duties arose from many different places and forms, sometimes even in such short intervals. Who could have been prepared or warned of such a situation? Simply astonishing.

I want to improve as I wanted to do years ago… and I believe I have found the answer I was searching for. Continuous learning, with no more mystery, will lead us day by day toward our improvement. Learning about ourselves!

What are we? What do we want to be? Where are we going? What are we doing here? What is our purpose or motive? All these questions have the same answer. An answer that can be as different as we want it to be. The briefest and most straightforward answer, as well as the most complex in itself: the answer is you.

With Different Eyes

Guided by mature responsibility, teaching us to become our authentic selves, as if we are still figuring out our desires. This perspective aids in cultivating our basic instincts, connected to our rational and compassionate side.

What could our self-improvement be without the sincere evolution of maturity in our ideas? It will be nothing more than reconsidering our judgments and sensations, as well as our knowledge and perceptions. It will allow us to improve directly from the root of our projects and dreams, as well as convictions of all those concepts we believe we are not wrong about.

Maturity can only be directly linked to the commitment to our responsibility and seriousness in our duty, with love and passion… always.

It is true that with different eyes, we correct ourselves and speak to ourselves today. Most likely, we will continue to do so from now until one not-so-distant tomorrow, for we have learned so many things in these years…

With different eyes, I look at myself. With different eyes, we grow and want to keep growing until we lose our breath.

For you, for us.