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Chapter 16: June 2016

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What if…?

What if we stopped referring to ourselves in the third person and looked at ourselves with different eyes? What if we tried calling ourselves by another name? What if we stopped worrying or thinking about setting aside our rational thoughts for a day?

Who could assure us that our objective feeling exists and is not just a variation of our unconscious belief in what is impartial? What if we called everything by its name? What names would exist? And more importantly, what name would we have?

What if we learned not to let go of the reins of our lives? How could they slip away without us realizing it overnight? What if everything didn’t have to be necessarily so challenging or complex, especially in some situations where everything seems disproportionately arranged?

What if we threw in the towel, saying ‘enough’ to everything? What if we decided to end it all once and for all? What could worry us so much to the point of leading us to such an irrational but necessarily human thought?

What if we didn’t feel with a force that could even provide pain? A force is born from the same feeling of joy or sadness because if we were not passionate beings and rational, what would we be then?

What if our time was not directly linked to our understanding of it? Wouldn’t this be chaos? What if everything wasn’t as we might believe it to be from its complexity tied to apparent confusion with no way out?

What if everything were simpler? What if we were wrong? What if everything turned out well, returning to normalcy and its deserved tranquility?

The abundance of disorder in harmony with its idea of normality and desire is astonishing. ‘What if…?’ We might ask ourselves.

Who will remember us?

Who will remind us of how much we’re worth when we forget? When harsh reality shows its face, we are scandalized to see ourselves completely naked in our consumed sensation born out of our ignorance.

Who will remind us how much we’re worth and how wrong we can be? Especially when our thoughts or value judgments might be about us, lacking consensus and not at all constructive.

Who could remind us, if not you, of the legacy of our interest? Even if it may not be widely shared, we are sure there is much more in common than we could initially see with our own eyes.

Who but you could remind us of who we are!? Extend a helping hand and help us get up when we stumble. And I’m not talking about us, but about you, who has a name and a surname. You, who are reading this. You, who knows who you are, even though sometimes, like us, you might forget. You, who, in your doubts and uncertainties, wanted to hide, as was typical.

As if anyone had done it, and we didn’t care. But not you. You do matter to us. And that’s why we write with you in mind. We know we’ll rely on each other, so they won’t be alone when we face challenges. Together, we can navigate through tough times, making the journey as bright as possible despite the occasional darkness.

Not you. You are here to remind us how much we’re worth, just as we will be here to remind you how much you will be worth.

A matter of time

Growing up is not just a matter of time; it’s about learning from mistakes. Observing life pass by without motivation is a significant error, yet it’s an unavoidable symptom.

Things don’t happen simply because they were destined to; it’s nonsensical to believe in a predetermined destiny, especially when we could attribute events to convenience.

The idea that everything is preordained or written, even in the most absurd or random ways, is unfounded. Pretending that time has a life of its own is a self-deception. Time doesn’t exist independently; it’s a construct of our perception.

Growing up in a questionable environment, we may have been influenced by arbitrary choices and exposed to controversial places without even realizing it.

Our perception of truth is essentially what our subconscious uses to grasp our apparent reality. Time, another tool we’ve created, helps us make sense of our journey and circumstances. After all, who else but us can thoroughly analyze the aspects directly tied to our senses?

The wilting of flowers isn’t about time passing but the absence of support in the face of life’s challenges, leaving us all equally confined with no recourse. What does time matter when our time has run out?

Growing up isn’t just a matter of time; it’s about experiencing and learning from suffering without prior warning. It involves thriving in our concept of good and evil, progressing within our limits, and developing into what we desire or could have desired.

Treating our understanding with sincere perseverance is never a matter of time; it’s a constant effort.

Starting at 23

Let’s take a moment to look back, but not too much. Just over two years ago, we began our professional journey, dreaming about what we have achieved with great effort. We started in our hometown and turned the place where we went into our own.

An exemplary effort with a smile that bloomed every day from the most absolute sincerity. Where we became aware that we had the opportunity within our reach. Starting from the bottom to gradually climb the mountain of what was to come, what we could distinguish as our learning.

So many diverse thoughts have passed through our minds, so much time in such a short space… that if we had to emphasize one in particular, we would have it clear right now: the stress we may experience at times, the result of the overwhelming feeling of not being able to handle everything that might come our way. Perhaps because it is the last sensation suffered with greater intensity. When putting everything on the line, half-measures will only leave arbitrary stains that we must deal with regardless of our possible dissatisfaction. Let’s hope we learn to overcome all this more easily, a product of an unconscious world where concerns sometimes seem to limit us and not let us see possible solutions.

It is worth noting how much we have learned about everything in general, but especially about ourselves. Those moments undoubtedly help us to converse with ourselves, more or less restless depending on the day and time. There have been so many unwritten dialogues that only our unconscious will remind them when necessary.

We will start at 23 as we never dreamed of in our childhood, but as we have been striving for these brief but intense years.“