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Chapter 23: January 2017

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False freedom

Life tends to chaos, partly because of its faults and lack of preparation. Not questioning being completely exposed momentarily makes us aware of the surrounding emptiness.

“Sharing your true self” is simply being completely sincere with yourself. Genuine understanding is impossible for someone who is insincere for their gain.

Doing something with one hand while hiding it from the other is the most impure action against our conscience. It condemns us until life, in its unfairness, judges us.

An extraordinary person should aim for deep understanding, not be sidetracked by absurd excuses. Sometimes, clarity is obscured, especially on good days or in darkness.

Hypocrisy is thinking foolishly, lying, and undermining our strength and confidence. It’s not leading by example, contradicting ourselves, and being afraid to be true to our beliefs. Before criticizing others, we should examine our actions. Examples of what?

A clear conscience is crucial for reaching the fulfillment we dream of, even if it seems like an illusion. We’re accountable for our actions and inaction. One challenge is overlooking our responsibilities and limiting our freedom in a “just” world. Avoiding responsibilities removes our self-determination, leaving us with a false sense of freedom.

Living in a false reality occurs when we think we’re someone without authority or justification. Without evidence to support our claims, our freedom is tied to our responsibilities. Demonstrations matter because we reflect our sincere intentions for the future, closely connected to our past.

Acting as if we can live without responsibilities in a fair world is hypocritical and foolish. Ignoring the chaos around us daily is akin to avoiding going outside to see the sun, choosing shadows and darkness instead.

I reject those who, upon hearing the allegory of the cave, believe that those who killed the one who saw the sun are cursed. Some just wanted to share the truth about light and the sun, but some preferred shadows and darkness, hindering sincerity and progress. I don’t respect those who express dissatisfaction after the allegory but repeat the same behavior daily with weak excuses and deceitful actions—hypocrisy filled with false testimonies and misleading seductions.

Free for what? Are you free to lead a life full of cynicism as something natural? When truth is treated with pretenses, with subjective interests…, freedom is reduced to its minimum sense, for our freedom is not only our external range of motion but also internal.

We will be freer the more we know ourselves and belong to ourselves. Our self-determination is crucial to understanding our will to power. Our confidence, daring, audacity, and intention will be the gauges of our degree of freedom.

Living occupied

We should not live worried but occupied and not neglectful of ourselves.

Occupying ourselves with ourselves for as long as necessary with the primary goal of finding what we truly desire. What could we desire more than our dedication to what we truly want? For who in their right mind would not want to take care of themselves for themselves? I refer to the healthy selfishness of our duty.

In search of our fullness, we move with fears and possible misgivings about everything we do not want to understand. Uncertain fears are born of bewilderment because no one was born knowing how to love.

To us, eager for life, I refer!
Let's not let ourselves escape so easily!
It is enough to use our consciousness
to create our path with it.

It is much less when we still use reason,
even if it sometimes seems only unconscious.
I refer primarily to those with a blind attitude,
for it is not true that we are bound hands.

Pity for those careless will, determined to stumble on the same stone repeatedly. Sorrow for the obstructed, those whose desire tends not to be, sharing their same feeling toward the rest, who have to endure them; however, they can infect anyone in their capacity as much as possible.

Only disgust and sorrow for all those who reject their power, as well as their duty to be, but above all, to want to be. Loving our passions cannot be disconnected from the occupation of them: existing with a unique sense that identifies us to the rest, which we contemplate day by day, must be linked to the activity itself without falling into the attempt to escape, preventing our sincerity from being sincere with us.

Truth be told: finding the balance of our occupation for ourselves, our first task, is the foundation where the pillars of our purpose are located. Therefore, our motivation toward our goals will notably mark a before and after to the extent of our seriousness for ourselves.

Being true to ourselves in thought and deed to evolve every day more, aspiring one day to honestly want to take care of our lives to become who we want to be.

The importance

The same disposition to the importance of everything, of moments, as well as their absences; consideration for what surrounds us and the nothingness that could approach us at any moment.

Interest in what we should value above all in no measurable magnitude. I refer to what we should consider rising towards its fullness as a transcendent entity from nothing to everything. Our life and its proportions of sizes and trends are as diverse, abstract, and eloquent as it disposes itself.

The rhetorical seduction of its abstraction and idealization is what we aspire to without reservations but, above all, without fears beyond those that situations themselves will present to us.

There will be no need to fear spontaneous meditation with scents of truth because it will always be waiting for us.

The magnitude of everything that tends towards insignificance, towards ignorance by desire, towards the emptiness of its meaning, towards the frivolity of its importance.

The impact of our interest, the effectiveness of our reach, the magnitude of our desire, the seriousness of our commitment…

"How much are we worth?" is the question.
"How much are you worth?" is the answer.