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Chapter 28: June 2017

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It’s not about waiting for the moment when our life is all figured out; instead, it’s about actively resolving our life, day by day, so that we’ve created a routine for our excellence.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit,” said Aristotle.

It’s our perception that blurs reality in front of our senses. Our efforts to strengthen our subtle thoughts should not be undervalued, as society, from times past, seems to suggest.

The development of our reasoning, subjective success, invaluable achievements, the attainment of our performances, and personal fulfillment… We are a combination of intrinsic parts, highlighting the importance of our understanding!

Our rejection of accidental excellence is crucial because it will perish shortly due to our tendency toward mediocrity. In the face of daily challenges, our efforts will define our apprehension of the vain and unjust reality to which we sometimes mistakenly look with sympathy.

Our attachment to our being can only be linked to our idea of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. We are abstract sensations that likely have a purely biological explanation stemming from our survival instinct. Our ideas are mere emotions that evolve surreptitiously as our various experiences unfold.

Our impression (of what we believe to understand as reality) will evolve, driven by our perceptions of the actual events we can discern, resulting from categorical and possibly flawed criticism. It will be conditioned by every event that we rarely consciously perceive.

Our unconsciousness plays a decisive and demanding role in our lives. We should judge our sense of truth with sharpness using our cognitive ability. We should not allow (let alone believe!) that every sprout is the result of chance without any guiding force but some illusion.

That’s why I must once again emphasize the importance of projecting our consciousness so that we unconsciously end up exactly where we had meticulously projected.