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Advanced Web Application Architecture Matthias Noback

The best guide that brings your coding skills a level up.

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This book helps you get your web applications back in shape. It contains many techniques for decoupling from infrastructure (like the framework or the database).

“The best guide that brings your coding and architecture skills a level up. All the modern PHP features combined with the elegance of a well-designed modular design.”

In Part 1 we unlock a collection of design patterns which help you establish a clean separation between core and infrastructure code. Part 2 shows how these design patterns resonate at a higher level with architectural concepts like layers, ports and adapters (a.k.a. Hexagonal architecture). The book finishes with a discussion of testing strategies and design trade-offs.

What you’ll learn

  • Separating mixed code into core and infrastructure code by refactoring into patterns.
  • Dividing your code into layers, and making a clear distinction between an application’s ports and adapters.
  • Testing decoupled applications.

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Design patterns for modernizing legacy code bases

370 pages