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Invincible Marcos Vazquez

Achieve More, Suffer Less

December 09, 2023 - 326 words - 2 mins Found a typo? Edit me
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The quality of your life depends on the quality of your mind. Unfortunately, we spend little time improving our thoughts, and it is rarely taught at school. As a result, we go through life without really understanding how to use our mind.

We have in our head the most sophisticated object in the world, but we barely know how it works. Most people are unable to direct their mental strength toward the goals they truly desire. They get distracted and frustrated. They can’t resist temptation or persevere in the face of adversity. In the end, they quit.

Luckily, our mind can be trained, and this book will show you how. It combines stoic philosophy with modern psychology, and provides the tools to help you visualize with clarity, act with determination and resist with discipline.

“We suffer not from the events in our lives, but from our judgement about them.” Epictetus.

Any external change requires an internal change first. If you want to transform your body, you must start from within. A weak mind will never create a strong body.

This book will help you use your mind to improve your body, but it actually goes much further. It is not a simple guide to optimize your daily habits, but rather it aims to guide your own philosophy of life. The tools you will develop will help you with anything you want to achieve. Life is always simpler with clarity, determination and discipline.

The philosophy of Stoicism

180 pages