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Prisoner's Dilemma

June 27, 2024


The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a hypothetical game set up showing a situation where people won’t want to work together even when it’s beneficial to do so. It’s just a long way of saying people don’t like to be taken advantage of.

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

November 25, 2023


In 1965, psychologist Bruce Tuckman developed a model (Tuckman’s Model) that describes the stages of group development, forming and maturing into a cohesive and effective team.

The model initially consisted of four stages: “forming, storming, norming, and performing,” adding one additional “adjourning” in 1977.

How do you get everyone on board?

August 02, 2023


Last week, I was at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, the biggest conference I’ve been giving a tech talk.

With more than 12k attendees, 300 speakers, and ~10 tracks in parallel, I was invited to give not one but two talks. One is about my experience with Extreme Programming and the profound benefits of embracing change in your work and life.

Learned helplessness

June 08, 2023


Learned helplessness is the behavior exhibited by a subject after enduring repeated aversive beyond their control.

Introducing a new tech stack

April 14, 2023


To introduce a new tech stack for the entire team, it’s important to bring “why?” and a strategy to make it happen among the team because it will affect everyone.

Great leadership

February 27, 2023


As business scales, the leaders’ primary focus must shift from customers to employees. Therefore, I would like to share what I consider critical points that any leader should address and focus on regularly.

For each key point, you will have book recommendations that go deeper into the matter, giving you references from real experts behind them.

Adapt or die

February 26, 2023

Told through the story of one bold company (People First IT), Adapt or Die takes readers through the unparalleled business system known as The Algorithm of Success that has the potential to inspire, ignite, and affect change for all aspects of an organization.

The infinite game

January 29, 2023

How do we win a game that has no end? Finite games, like football or chess, have known players, fixed rules and a clear endpoint. The winners and losers are easily identified. Infinite games, games with no finish line, like business or politics, or life itself, have players who come and go. The rules of an infinite game are changeable while infinite games have no defined endpoint. There are no winners or losers—only ahead and behind.

Interview about XP and Agile

January 09, 2023


My interview with regarding Agile and Extreme Programming.

Working agile with non-agile teams

November 11, 2022


Let’s assume you already know what the agile manifesto is. Let’s consider that you apply most of the “extreme programming” values, principles, and practices. How can you work with other teams that aren’t agile?

The Essential Drucker

October 29, 2022

Different beliefs about software quality

October 08, 2022


I recently got a great question on Twitter which got me thinking for a while and I decided to share my thoughts about it.

Dare to lead

September 30, 2022

The beauty of leadership

September 25, 2022


Leadership is not a synonym for management, it has nothing to do with titles or personal attributes. So, what is it? How can we become leaders? And most importantly, why?

Understanding people

August 22, 2022


One of the most complicated challenges for everyone is avoiding misunderstandings and being aware that other people don’t think the same way as you do.

The power of authority and obedience

January 24, 2022


Milgram was interested in researching how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person, and how easily people could be influenced into committing atrocities. For example, Germans in WWII.

Modern CTO

January 23, 2022

Leaders Eat Last

January 16, 2022

Leadership is Language

October 22, 2021

A radical playbook to empower your people and put your team on a path to continuous improvement.

In this book, the former submarine commander Captain L. David Marquet dives deep into one of the most investigated marine disasters, the sinking of the El Faro, and surfaces with new ideas on leadership and language.

Red Work vs Blue Work

October 21, 2021


“Blue Work” and “Red Work” are concepts that David Marquet describes in his book Leadership is Language. Both require different mindsets and have different languages.

Responsibilities of a Tech Lead

July 01, 2021


The Trident Career Model by Patrick Kua has three tracks. Each track represents where people spend most of their time or energy.

Conformity experiments

June 01, 2021


To what extent do social forces alter people’s opinions? Which aspect of the group influence is most important — the size of the majority, or the unanimity of opinion?


May 28, 2021

Software development is about people: when, how and where they can best work together. Not about programming languages or tools. Not about fast computers, networks or internet access.

Soft skills are truly important in IT, more than people tend to think.