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Open-Source Software

The power of contributing to OSS 🖥

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What is Open-Source Software (OSS)? What are their benefits? How can you start contributing to any OSS? Pet projects? Knowledge sharing? Why all of these?

What is Open-Source Software (OSS)? 🤔

OSS shares similarities with free software, but it’s not the same. Free software is a form of OSS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be free. For example:

OSS is basically software that is public, open to the world.

Benefits — for a company 🛕

Benefits — for you, as a single contributor 🤓

TL;DR: It can be a “constant kata” if you want to.

GitHub to the rescue 😃

Nowadays, it’s really trivial to start contributing to OSS:

Pet projects 🐘

A pet project is a playground to create software and train your professional skills. Creating pet projects in your public GitHub profile has all the benefits of contributing to OSS, plus you’re your own boss:

The project is there for you.
You are responsible to play, explore and pass your limits.

Some Chema’s Pet Projects 🦣




Some of Chema’s OSS org contributions 🌚



Knowledge sharing ✍🏼

… and many more on

The beauty of this 🧑‍🎓

Developing a sixth sense to smell patterns which you have already done and their positive & negative experiences.

Showing your skills and helping the community around you.

Open-Source Software offers you one of the best opportunities to start building your career path towards continuous improvement.

This is a (Spanish) talk that I did remotely on April 2021, for PHPMad Madrid Community. I basically present all these ideas together with a live demo of how to contribute to a real OSS.