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About this book

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It’s my self-published book written in Spanish. Structured like a diary. It’s a compilation of all kinds of thoughts as a result of moving to a new country and looking for new opportunities in life.

This project wasn’t possible at all without the help of three friends:

I published the book only in Spanish. I think it’s time for the EN version.

Spanish edition: Librería Diego Marín

Spanish ebook: Leanpub (PDF|EPUB|MOBI)


To all my siblings for being the source of my inspiration despite not seeing each other as much as we would want to. A special mention to my brother Jesús for helping me with this book’s edition.

To my uncles, who provided my siblings and me with constant support for many years.

To Jesús Robles for his great work in giving life to the text through his illustrations.

To Francisco Javier for dedicating his time to offer me ideas, suggestions, and corrections to make this book even more special.

A book dedicated only to the brave
For no one and for everyone