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Gacela Project

GitHub | started on 2021

A PHP library that helps you to split the logic of your app into different modules.

I created this project because I wanted to improve the internal structure of Phel Lang by normalizing the communication between the modules while applying all the learnings that I got after studying Spryker.

Phel Lang

GitHub | started on 2020

Phel is a functional programming language that compiles to PHP. It is a dialect of Lisp inspired by Clojure and Janet.

I am not the author of this project but a collaborator. I found it by accident (in June 2020). Since then, I have used it as a constant “kata place” to try some refactoring and testing techniques. Always trying new things and play around. At the same time, I am part of a fun project with significant potential growth: in terms of usability and learning skills.

I already wrote about this on February 2021: Phel: A Lisp that compiles to PHP.

NuevaMetal (Abandoned)

GitHub | 2013–2016

It was a website where you could find new rock/metal bands with new releases and or classics almost every day. By that time, this project wasn’t open-source. But after two years working on it, I wanted to share my learnings, so I decided to create my first OSS project where I could share an agnostic version of it named: Knob-MVC.

I couldn’t continue working on NuevaMetal due to a shift in my priorities. After learning how to write decent code (the code was/is a complete mess!), it was pretty hard to catch up and restructure it, so I had to abandon that project. The same happened to Knob-MVC once I realized how messy that one also was. I don’t like working with WordPress anymore.

Some Pet Projects 🦣

Books 📚

Ojos en un Recuerdo (2015 - 2017)

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I used to have a personal blog back in 2015. I wrote about my thoughts and feelings because I wanted to do some retrospectives later on, to help me understand myself better. I started in January 2015, and by December 2017, I published a book with all these reflections.

There is an audiobook in Spanish as well: