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Continuous Discovery Habits Teresa Torres

Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value

August 21, 2022 - 166 words - 1 min Found a typo? Edit me
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This book explores how product managers and designers can keep making a positive impact on their customers’ lives. It explores an optimal decision-making process for product teams, so that they can continue to improve their offerings.

Part 1: What is continuous discovery?

  1. The What and Why of Continuous Discovery
  2. A Common Framework for Continuous Discovery

Part 2: The continuous discovery habits

  1. Focusing on Outcomes Over Outputs
  2. Visualizing What You Know
  3. Continuous Interviewing
  4. Mapping the Opportunity Space
  5. Prioritizing Opportunities, Not Solutions
  6. Supercharged Ideation
  7. Identifying Hidden Assumptions
  8. Testing Assumptions, Not Ideas
  9. Measuring Impact
  10. Managing the Cycles
  11. Show Your Work

Part 3: Developing your continuous discovery habits

  1. Start Small, and Iterate
  2. What’s Next?

Focusing on outcomes over outputs will help you create the right products for your customers.

The What & Why of Continuous Discovery

220 pages