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Phel: the Lisp that compiles to PHP

February 01, 2021


The new Functional Programming language build-in PHP. Check it out!

Never use array_merge in a loop

November 10, 2020


Using array_merge inside a loop is a performance killer. The spread operator will help you to improve this by flatting the array.

Typed arrays in PHP

October 13, 2020


Argument unpacking, function variable argument list, and variadics function.

Strict Types in PHP

August 09, 2020


In December 2015, PHP 7 introduced scalar type declarations and with it the strict types flag. What is this new feature?

Final classes in PHP | Java | Any

June 06, 2020


Clear contracts, isolated side effects, testability, low complexity and cognitive load, code fluidity, and confidence in yourself.