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Update your team to be more extreme

How can you help your peers to embrace the change?

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Our profession is constantly evolving; therefore, it demands a non-stop learning process. Embracing the change is not optional in our software industry.

We need to create spaces to get out of our comfort zone, so our cognitive brain can train and improve how to adapt to our surroundings, which are constantly transforming.

Create learnings opportunities

Schedule some time every X weeks for practicing together.

At the end of each sprint, we celebrate and work on katas in pairs/groups for 1.5 hours. That space is also an opportunity to create an internal tech-talk presentation to share exciting knowledge with the team non-directly-related to our regular daily business.

The goal is to get out of our comfort zone, improving our recognition for change in general while learning other subjects regularly.

What’s a code kata?

As a group, software developers don’t practice enough. Most of our learning takes place on the job, so most of our mistakes get made there as well.

The term “kata” comes from the repetitive movements done in karate that help you improve your fighting skills.

Katas exists to help developers get the same benefits as practicing in any other profession. There are simple, artificial exercises that let you experiment and learn without the pressure in a production environment.

There are no right or wrong answers in any software kata: the benefit comes from the process, not the result.


If you’re interested in my thoughts about TDD and katas, I wrote a post about it not long ago: Test-Driven Development.

What’s a tech-talk?

Tech talks allow us to share some knowledge related to our tech industry with our team members.

It can be any FrontEnd, BackEnd, DevOps related. But I encourage also:

How can I present a tech talk?

I wrote this article with some tips about how to improve your tech-talk. Some key questions that might help you to find something on your own:

Just one rule: Be curious and “embrace the change.”

Why biweekly katas and tech talks?