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How to improve your tech-talk (or any other presentation)

Some tips to improve your communication skills

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We have found ourselves attending a meeting that felt like we were wasting our time with a “monologue” that is either hard to follow or doesn’t seem so interesting as it could. Let’s fix this.

Therefore, I was thinking about it, and I tried to get some keys to improving their general quality. It applies to all presentations but also tech-talks and other tech presentations in which engineers are usually involved.

Structure of the talk

To explain how I think a good presentation should look like I will address three main topics that are relevant to structure and design your presentation.

  1. Content of the presentation: what message do you want to convey to whom and how?
  2. Design and Layout: how you can design an easy-to-follow presentation that supports your talk instead of taking away the attention from what you are actually trying to say.
  3. Lastly, I think also the audience is responsible for making a tech talk successful, so I will also add a reminder about the role and responsibilities of the listeners.


Consider your audience

When you prepare your presentation, ask yourself:

Introduce the topic

Create some atmosphere. Try to answer these questions:

Every meeting should have an output and an outcome. Keep it in mind.

Create a Storyline

Build a conclusion

Summarize the main conclusion(s) in a concise way:


Design and Layout

Write less, talk more

Large fonts

If you have some code to present, consider:

Role of the Audience

Responsibilities of the attendee

Inner questions

At the end of the meeting, we should ask these questions in order to improve. Ask other people for their feedback, so we can grow further and together.