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Chapter 22: December 2016

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Slave to Death

Having death so present day after day, so recurrent, is something inevitable for us. Being aware that our time is not infinite should make us question what we want—or should want—to invest it in.

My greatest fear is the sudden headache that sometimes assaults me when I try to fall asleep. I’m not talking about emotional pain but physical because, in addition to seeming random, they could be playing for the last time with no chance of a replay.

This is what happened and what could happen again: headaches in the darkness leading to the ultimate uncertainty we all fear so much—death.

Especially at a distance, where I would only have myself. If any tragedy were to occur, there would be no first ones to find out… only seconds and thirds, as these first ones could do nothing but suspect and deny what possibly happened until the truth becomes inevitable.

The origin of the tragedy could arise at any moment, which, along with the beauty of its uncertainty, unveils me until it clouds the rest of my senses.

Unveiled by death even during the day. Witnessing nothingness, as well as its apparent and absent presence.

Hunger for a defined reason, logical and rational sense, for projection consented by our cause. Thirst for understanding, for comprehension, for impulse towards what fulfills us.

Fear the slavery to the inevitable that will end any opportunity from happening.


Complex singularities with consequent rational use. Temporal moments with projections are so unique.

Abstract experiences that continue to orbit themselves, seeking evolutions in the measurements of their interests.

Ideas explode and vanish like simple sparks when not disciplined and worked on to temper their flame.

False lack of opportunity for not wanting to transform from the same form.

Guidelines without an apparent direction, some more and less consistent with their responsibilities.

Lack of principles that isolate us from our purpose and reason for being. There is a lack of arguments that invite us to believe in what would not hold.

Belief in the boldest lack. Ignorance better internalizes prayer to the insult—dictator tales for those who dare not to question.

Death is a real determining judge.


The problem with education is that it does not teach the importance of responsibilities and the background that should be acquired over time. Education is linked to responsibility and, of course, united with our freedom.

Our education comes from learning the consequences of our actions. The lack of education occurs when we are taught incorrectly about what we truly deserve, especially when we forget our responsibilities and push our obligations aside. Surprisingly, our reward ends up being the same as those with a proper education. So, the question is: What is the appropriate education then?

The correct education is the one that teaches the greatness of our actions, starting from a perspective of personal improvement: wanting to be better than ourselves day after day.

Our actions should react equally to what we do; we should act as we want the world to behave with us. We should thrive as we would like to see our loved ones thrive. We should be like that person we would like to know.