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Chapter 20: October 2016

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A simple thought is enough to make us realize how fragile we can be.

The entropy of our being tends toward disorder and chaos; just a few careless days, and we notice that life slips away in a constant struggle against the potential confusion of our every day, with its greater and lesser challenges, as well as involuntary pressures.

In the end, everything will be a battle against entropy, which tends to confusion and entanglement in itself. Our eternal struggle should revolve around combating our disorder.

All for our future, for when we remember ourselves again in a few years with affection and, why not, a bit of longing. Wishing to feel proud of who we were in the past days gone by. Above all, feeling proud of the trail we leave in the face of any adversity provoked by our concealed entropy.

The Future

The future is not for those who constantly plan or for those who dare not take a step forward and confront themselves, especially when overwhelmed and without reason to seek the motivation that seems elusive.

On the contrary, the future belongs to those who develop their present. Because motivation comes and goes, but passion is born, progresses, and grows with us.

The future is nothing more than our reward for our present. Of course, life’s surprises may sometimes leave much to be desired, but we are not referring to those in particular. It is our projection that matters for the development of our present. The influences and perspectives that make us progress as individuals will determine our growth.

What can be more important than our fulfillment in our sincere development as individuals?

Let’s not allow bad weather to prevent us from being ourselves. Let’s not stop thriving to the best of our abilities. Let’s project into the world what we would like to feel, for we are the world but, above all, the future.