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Chapter 19: September 2016

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You Only Live Once

You only live once, or at least that’s as far as we can comprehend. We all have problems, to a greater or lesser extent, of importance relative to the interests and intentions that may be hidden behind them.

Lying to ourselves about our thoughts or what we believe to understand as reality will make it nothing more than a deception from and to ourselves.

In simple terms, we might say that each person has their view of reality where we live together and share things. But when we ask, “What is reality if not how we see it?” we hesitate to say there’s one reality for everyone. Instead, we create a shared reality based on our perspectives.

The most significant harm we could cause to the world, to tangible reality, and everything practical and pragmatic is and will be the lack of seriousness in our honesty towards ourselves. What diminishes us is the lack of the essential towards ourselves: our loyalty. What makes us great in the world is the overdose of sincerity that we should practice with ourselves daily.

Life has been, is, and will undoubtedly be full of difficulties. But in contrast to them, attitudes play the role of our projections, our profound realization, and our perception of objectivity.

What is our existential concern if not the ultimate taboo topic due to its already known absent answer? We should be the ones acting at all times. Our role was never written. Being the protagonist will be only a matter of predisposition to be so. Genuine predisposition, I insist!

We should not beg our apparent reality or even trust it more than what our eyes can see, for in the doubt of its existence will reside, for anyone who seeks it, the answer.

Young and Innocent

How young and innocent we have been, simply believing that we could evade the maturity that actually surrounds us. Concern, justified in our commitment, will be linked to our seriousness in our profession. Understanding that learning is and will always be a continuous thing linked to our responsible prudence.

So many mistakes we have made and will continue to make… that only with continuous improvement will we feel fulfilled, for there will always be so much to renew…

We have such limited time that boredom should not have a place; to live disheartened will be, therefore, not to live.

Learning that understanding ourselves is not easy; it will not be, either, and absolutely, something overnight. Only in the search for understanding can we learn from it.

Today, we should read ourselves with different eyes. Eyes renewed today, aiming at the triumph of the uncertain tomorrow.

This has truly been a path to our understanding where we have learned many things together, remembered many others, and dreamt a few. But undoubtedly, an experience that deserves not to be forgotten, at least for our memory.

Ending to Begin Again

Ending to begin again. I smile. I have tried to play with words in as many ways as possible. I have tried to reach the limit of their possible connections, and there are so many… I reread myself and enjoy it; it makes me feel alive.

Do you know what it is to have goosebumps when thinking about your present? About everything you have ahead waiting for you?

I am eager to see my family again, hug them, and feel them close. But I am not willing to let go of the opportunity for which I have been fighting all these years and the ones ahead.

So many things motivate me to continue… Still, among all of them, I highlight seeing my siblings grow and enjoy a present full of surprises together, not allowing them to ever feel alone or lacking an older sibling.

It has been two years in which maturity seems never to finish reaching us… even though it could pretend to be daily. The brevity of time is not the real problem, but the use we make of it. Ending without entire finishing, being able to start again and again; I refer to death, for we are still alive.

Love our family. Enjoy, but above all, seize the opportunities. Fight for personal growth, understand ourselves, and not settle for being what we do not want to be.

As if it were the last day of our lives. Let’s indeed be ourselves.

The Day After

Living is not breathing an air full of uncertainties and misfortunes.

Wanting is not stomping or hiding behind the false refuge of right or reason.

Growing is not waking up day after day without ambitions, both short and long-term.

Waking up is not opening our eyes after the dream we might prefer over our present reality.

Learning is not memorizing or repeating without understanding.

Fighting is not puffing ourselves up in a simulated breath of superiority over someone other than ourselves.

Allowing is not right when not truly deserved.

Letting insecurity judge us is not balance or harmony.

Missing is not the absence of pain.

Living is taking seriously the before and after of our days. Wanting to grow by waking up to learn to fight will allow us to stop missing living because we will be truly alive.