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Chapter 27: May 2017

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Masked Mediocrity

Religion is a package of pre-established habits, where the will to power is reduced to the absurdity of mere conformity to mediocrity, masked by a complacency towards the consent of lack of perseverance.

Where the lack of persistence in what we should strive for will not incur a mandatory cost…, for we will be “forgiven,” and “all will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Is it not, perhaps, infinite kindness?

Habits chained in an uncultured past where mediocrity was rewarded with apparent consistent promises for all those inconsistent in will.

Hope from those without confidence who needed stable habits within the bounds of their meager possibilities!

Let’s not mask who we are. Let’s not want to be mediocre!


Life is nothing more than habits. That’s why when we focus on positive things when our minds aspire to the best version of ourselves, we create a routine that pushes us toward success. Conversely, the opposite happens when our thoughts are encapsulated in negative and destructive thoughts, turning our lives into a habit of mediocrity.

It won’t be the first time we hear statements like “If you had been in my situation, you would have done the same,” trying to excuse oneself when becoming aware of the gravity of an act done without wisdom. Could we invent any excuse cruder and more vulgar than guilt for the lack of responsibility in our context? That’s what it’s about! Working on our environment! Make an effort with it!

The design of our journey should be above all external ideas. We will be as strong as we educate our tendency to be so.

We will not have more opportunities to embrace what once became impossible.