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Principles of package design Matthias Noback

Creating Reusable Software Components

November 12, 2020 - 181 words - 1 min Found a typo? Edit me
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Apply design principles to your classes, preparing them for reuse. You will use package design principles to create packages that are just right in terms of cohesion and coupling, and are user- and maintainer-friendly at the same time.

The first part of this book walks you through the five SOLID principles that will help you improve the design of your classes. The second part introduces you to the best practices of package design, and covers both package cohesion principles and package coupling principles. Cohesion principles show you which classes should be put together in a package, when to split packages, and if a combination of classes may be considered a “package” in the first place. Package coupling principles help you choose the right dependencies and prevent wrong directions in the dependency graph of your packages.

What You’ll Learn

  • Apply the SOLID principles of class design
  • Determine if classes belong in the same package
  • Know whether it is safe for packages to depend on each other
250 pages