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How to test private methods?

October 20, 2023


This is a question that I have encountered with some frequency for a long time. So I thought I would put together my thoughts on the subject here.

Recipes for Decoupling

November 28, 2022

To mock or not to mock

January 11, 2021


Mocking is useful, but “what to mock” usually turns out to be a bit more complicated than expected if you don’t treat this carefully.

Principles of package design

November 12, 2020

Object design style guide

October 10, 2020

Objects are the central concept of languages like Java, Python, C#. Applying best practices for object design means that your code will be easy to read, write, and maintain.

This book captures dozens of techniques for creating pro-quality OO code that can stand the test of time.

The art of testing: where design meets quality

April 07, 2020


Why you should consider testing as part of your daily development habit and how it’s directly linked to the software quality.