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Zombie Scrum Survival Guide Christiaan Verwijs, Johannes Schartau, Barry Overeem

A Journey to Recovery

March 01, 2021 - 249 words - 2 mins Found a typo? Edit me
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I really enjoy the ideas and experiments presented in the book. It points out a lot of “big elephants in many rooms” for a lot of teams claiming to do Scrum or Agile in a really questionable way, aka: Zombie Scrum.


Zombie Scrum Survival Guide reveals why Scrum runs aground and shows how to supercharge your Scrum outcomes, while having a lot more fun along the way. Humorous, visual, and extremely relatable, it offers practical approaches, exercises, and tools for escaping Zombie Scrum. Even if you’re surrounded by skeptics, this book will be the antidote to help you build more of what users need, ship faster, improve more continuously, interact more successfully in any team, and feel a lot better about what you’re doing. Suddenly, one day soon, you’ll remember: that’s why we adopted Scrum in the first place!

  • Learn how Zombie Scrum infects you, why it spreads, and how to inoculate yourself.
  • Get closer to your stakeholders, and wake up to their understanding of value.
  • Discover why Zombie teams can’t learn, and what to do about it.
  • Clear away the specific obstacles to real continuous improvement.
  • Make self-managed teams real so people can behave like humans, not Zombies.

This is a nice webinar, when they offer a fresh perspective on Zombie Scrum, share key insights from the book, and discuss their latest findings on the relentless ongoing research.

250 pages