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Dedicated QA Teams in software?

May 17, 2023


This will be controversial, but let’s talk about the QA position. The hidden truth behind the lack of software quality and why this should concern you if you write software.


March 19, 2023

Interview about XP and Agile

January 09, 2023


My interview with regarding Agile and Extreme Programming.

Ignoring Scrum to get more Agile?

December 06, 2022


Talking to a friend about agile, he asked me a fascinating question remarking how badly sometimes Agile and Scrum fit together, especially regarding meetings. These are my thoughts about this topic.

Working agile with non-agile teams

November 11, 2022


Let’s assume you already know what the agile manifesto is. Let’s consider that you apply most of the “extreme programming” values, principles, and practices. How can you work with other teams that aren’t agile?

Clean Agile

March 12, 2020