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Responsibilities of a Tech Lead

It's not a promotion. It's a role change.

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The Trident Career Model by Patrick Kua has three tracks. Each track represents where people spend most of their time or energy.

Archetypal Story

Individual Contributor


Technical Leader

What is a Tech Lead?

“A Tech Lead is a software engineer, responsible for leading a development team, and responsible for the quality of its technical deliverables.” (source)


A Tech Lead is a Developer who is a Leader

A good leader is making sure that the team is moving in the same direction. The team moves further altogether, rather than simply people who are working “together”.

Leadership skills to invest in

The Tech Lead role is a leadership position, not necessarily a management position.

Surprises & Struggle

A Great Tech Lead

A great Tech Leader is really focusing on developing others, so the team will get better capabilities.

Tell or Delegate?

The goal is to reach a complete delegation, step by step. It’s about starting to shift responsibilities to other people, so they grow as well. It can also depend on the skills, motivations, and urgency of the task.


“Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.” - Meredith Belbin

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