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Chapter 02: April 2015

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The art of writing

I like to write without thinking about anything. I want to reread myself someday: maybe it’ll help me to understand myself better.

I am writing to reread it. Could there be something more exciting than being able to talk to yourself and agree?

Writing is an art where the language itself is the only limit. And what about the beauty of being able to write in other languages? I hope to be able to do that soon. All these years were spent learning languages for machines, and I never thought of learning other languages for people. It was never my strong suit, I always thought. However, now in another country, I can ensure that it’s one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have.

Starting from the beginning to learn a new language: understanding it from its root, enjoying it, tasting each new word, each new expression.

Exciting, as if it was a children’s game. Writing is part of a language. I want to read myself. I want to be able to read myself with my eyes closed, the same way I can dream with my eyes open.

Of a dream

I miss my family. Even though I’ll see them in less than 30 days, I consider seeing them twice yearly. And, to be honest, it isn’t easy. Being the oldest of our group makes one, without wanting to, have to be responsible. I need to be a role model.

After such a dark past, I am happy not to have fallen on any other path that wasn’t this one: my own. It’s not that it would have been easier. Nothing matters here but what there is: a young, happy dreamer, nostalgic and passionate.

I still wait eagerly to see more rain. Here, in the north of Germany, it is easier for me. I want to see more water falling.

I wake up each day wanting to continue dreaming. I want to live with passion and smile with my nostalgia, hoping someday to come back and hug my family without setting aside the dream I am fighting.

I hope to fulfill my goals: I want to move forward. “We are going to make it” is the phrase I repeat to myself the most, making me smile daily. Dreaming isn’t everything but the beginning of an entire life. Holding on to our dreams is the key to success.

We must learn to move, ask for help when necessary, and try not to stop until we make it. Life must teach us to educate ourselves. We must be our teachers: let’s focus only on the good examples.


We must create doubts, questions, and uncertainties because that’s the only way we will find answers. We want to know more and discover new horizons, challenges, adventures, goals, and dreams. The name doesn’t matter. With or without help, but let’s do it. Let’s ask ourselves each day. Never stop doing that!

Let’s not have faith in anything other than ourselves. Above a possible God and any other life form, this is our own. By luck or disgrace and until proven otherwise, our life is only one, this one. Let’s not waste it living in constant uncertainty or a life in which we can’t find enough joy.

Each doubt is there to be resolved. From doubt comes actual knowledge and confidence. From doubts, we will be born.

Let’s doubt everything but not live in constant doubt. Doubt is a philosophy that we must learn to question before affirming. Doubt as a method: not flawless, but productive. Doubt, to clarify, enjoying our decisions.

Let’s make mistakes. Let’s choose! Let’s ask the world, our family, whomever we want, but above all, ourselves.

Let’s question ourselves each day as if our life depends on it because it will. And, following the question, let’s give ourselves answers. Let’s contemplate different alternatives as well as their reasons. All the parameters are essential. Let’s study each one’s origin.

Enjoy because you’ll be learning to live. Make mistakes, learn, live!

On the forefront

We should live more on the forefront and not so much on the back. Let’s reinvent ourselves and imagine yourself being what you think.

Who said fear? We should only be afraid of death, not life. Fear of death because it’s something that will come to all of us, luckily or not. It will be something we will all have to face once, twice, and more until it’s our time. Until then, who said fear?

“We are nothing” or “we are insignificant”: how wrong those phrases are. We are the greatest. We must be so. Live on the forefront, on the first line, discovering ourselves, as well as our surroundings, which are so different from us. As if we lived in other realities.

We are the most authentic and natural thing that ever existed. Each unit, as its match, makes oneself a piece of art, a unique reality. We are, and that is what matters.

We understand the reality of making progress each day and learning to fight at the forefront; this is our goal: to shine. It’s enough to listen to a song, read a book, study something that makes us passionate, go out for a run, and think about what motivates us, but let’s not live so much in the rearguard.

Let’s laugh and grow. We can give so much more of ourselves, and each day is a new chance to demonstrate it. Let’s live at the forefront!

Let’s show ourselves just how wrong we were not too many years ago, and let’s fight in our reality to shine each day even more. Shine for the world. Shine for us.

On the unexpected and necessary

It doesn’t seem very easy. And it might be that way until it ends to notice that it was simply something unexpected —a beautiful journey of experiences and emotions of every kind.

In the beginning, everything can seem so chaotic, strange, and confusing, but it’s nothing more than something unexpected. It has been a rich experience. Let’s not stay alone at home. The isolation won’t help us; let’s go out for a walk, the fresh air will clear our minds.

The world is full of unexpected opportunities. We should count life by moments, by those sudden occasions that end up being significant. Our life’s worth is made of the expected moments, as well as the unexpected ones. Both remain so necessary.

Just thinking of it gives me a sensation of sweetness, as if it were a gift for no reason. Let’s deserve this gift, then. Let’s fight to earn this unexpected and necessary thing in life. Let’s make ourselves deserving of each facility. Let’s take our time, always. But don’t forget that these unexpected will never stop being there.