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Chapter 06: August 2015

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Everything is stages

We are stages and moments, with their highs and lows, like everything in this life. We are stages and moments. It will depend on our context to understand if we should step firmly or delicately.

We are moments. Without them, we couldn’t be, directly. We are our personified description. How we face our stages, each different from the other will define us not only for today but for tomorrow, engraved in yesterday.

We are in stages of constant evolution whose main duty is to define our own direction. We must choose our favorable direction in this journey full of surprises. This journey gives me so much to think about. In this journey that, in the end, constantly gives us so much.

Moments and stages are so different. Experiences that would deserve to be captured in a song, a drawing, or an image for remembrance. We are on a continuous journey in a sea where the arbitrary tide neither forgives nor has preferences. Being creative, flexible, passionate, and rational will be our duties.

We cannot guarantee with total certainty which stages we may encounter, but we can define our way of understanding them, starting with ourselves.

New friendships to discover, new places to visit, new experiences to live…, new moments to tell.

Whose world is it?

To whom does the world belong? The world should belong only to those who claim it, to those who fight for it, to those who truly want it. There are those who are just passing through. They don’t expect a better future because they think they don’t need it. They don’t know what to do with their lives or don’t want to know. They are not interested in the world; they just exist. There has to be everything, but the world is not theirs, not as long as they think this way.

The world should be for the fighters, for those who don’t give up, for those who dream and don’t stop until they achieve their goals, and for those who, even tired, continue in the arena for their improvement. It should be for them to better themselves, as well as their surroundings.

Whose world is it? For those who aim to find new goals. For restless souls. For those who manage to find a reason for success in their lives. For those who, in the face of all adversities, manage to move forward. For those who, despite all difficulties, manage to seize any moment to learn something new. For those who, instead of spending the whole day complaining, spend it looking for solutions. For those who don’t give up.

For those who seek to change the world. It belongs to them. The world is theirs.

Your purpose

“Let’s be honest: we are nothing. We are the most insignificant thing that has ever existed. We are mediocre by nature. Simple humans. Sometimes even cruel, sometimes unnatural.

Let’s be honest, we are nothing. We waste time constantly. We are not productive and don’t want to be. We do nothing to solve our problems or to avoid the future that may come.

Watching time pass, being consumed by it, and we let it pass. Losing day after day without doing anything truly productive, throwing away a whole life, and we are so calm. We have everything within our reach. We really have everything. And we, foolish and stupid, don’t want to change. We don’t dare to act, think, or truly improve as a species.

We are cowards, and as such, we won’t get anywhere tomorrow. No one will remember our existence, our passage, or our name. We will be what we have decided: nothing. Because that’s what we wanted. It was in our hands to change our destiny day by day, progressively, and now we have what we deserve.

We are nothing, and in nothing, we will remain.“

If you identify with any of the previous statements, please reconsider the meaning, as well as the reason and purpose, of your life, for there is nothing sadder than a lack of purpose and nothing more urgent than finding it.

To the attempt, I say

Coward, liar, mediocre.

How do you expect to get different results if you always use the same patterns? Who do you intend to deceive with your intention? You deceive no one but yourself. Stop running away from yourself and face it, stop being just another mediocre.

Stop deceiving yourself into believing that you tried and couldn’t do more, for it is false, and you are the first to know it. You could always, just as you can do more until your last day. Stop lamenting in the shadows. Go out and face it once and for all! Stop blaming the world for your problems. Go out and solve them!

Stop hiding among complaints, and stop living in mediocrity. Come out of your hiding place, where you entered a long time ago, and now you don’t dare to leave. “Dare!” I tell you. Because you are the only one who can. My words will remain written; your life will be forgotten.

Go out! Now! Stand up and stop lamenting. You know alternatives, use them and stop being a fool! I insist!

To you, I am talking to you. Stand up and learn to live for once! I don’t want more intentions. I want actions and demonstrations!

To you, who are reading me. I say to you. To you, who come with intentions.