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Chapter 04: June 2015

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Older brother

We must want to be the older brother we would have liked to have. We have to be everything we wanted yesterday so that we can be that tomorrow. We need references, more so when it’s about making way. I wish I had an older brother to look up to, learn from him, and help myself with him by my side.

It was complicated, but it was no use to live to hide, day after day. I saw myself forced to go out, observe, grow, and fight. I would have liked to have one, especially at those moments that got so complex and complicated. My main reason is to be a role model to my siblings so that they do not have to throw the same things I had to throw.

I want to be that older brother I would have liked to have. That role model I would have wanted to follow. That one I would have liked to admire. Especially at hard times, helping to avoid any of my brothers and sisters feeling that way, as it is not only about us but about what they make of us. To help us make our way, help us, and give a hand.

The 22’s end

Today is my last day as a twenty-two-year-old; tomorrow, I’ll be starting to be twenty-three. And it is today that I am completing my twenty-two twenty-two complete years. Starting tomorrow, I’ll start living my twenty-three. People celebrate on the day of their birthdays that they have completed the phase that just ended. In standard terms, I should “celebrate” that I reached twenty-two. However, I prefer the idea of celebrating that I got to the next phase and still have all this time to enjoy. Not my twenty-twos; my twenty-three. My twenty-twos have already been lived. Now I want more.

It is true that now I will live for twenty-two years, reason enough for joy, but I am more motivated by the idea that I still am, which is essential.

I have never felt as alive and young as now, and I hope to aim for more with time. Younger and more active. I feel like having birthdays is rejuvenating. Having birthdays is more than the idea; everything comes with them.

Today is the day I will complete my twenty-two years; tomorrow, I will begin my twenty-third. If you’re reading this, I appreciate it in advance, and with a smile, congratulations. The only thing I ask in exchange is for you to smile back. So do it because it’s never too late to smile.


I enjoy having company at its most, but I also appreciate its absence. I love being surrounded by people, but I also need moments alone. When I am always busy with others, I even miss myself. Those moments of solitude in which I talk to myself without giving anyone excuses other than myself—those moments of putting in order, reflection, listening, and silence. Usually, music accompanied me in the background—smiling music, like me.

Notes and ideas that shout endlessly to the rhythm of memories, ambitions, desires, and the future. Those moments of analysis, recreation, uncertainties, and inspiration. Of wanting to do everything and eagerness to do so.

Dreams and emotions that still must wait. Enjoying a song, as well as its meaning. Without lyrics, the lyrics will be created by all those thoughts that she will make us remember. All while losing track of time, forgetting everything, and remembering nothing—focusing all our attention on the music’s rhythm, evading everything that could worry us.

To play to write, disconnect, and connect again. To worry and stop worrying. It’s our minute. Let’s give ourselves a breath. Nothing will happen independently, but it’s also not a mystery from another world. You have to make it happen. Waiting with our arms crossed is of no use. It has never been helpful. That’s why it’s not about wanting to dream but about doing. Here we are to do everything we can and always a little more.

It’s solitary sometimes, but not alone.

There are

Some lament themselves, and others live.

Some live in constant fear of life, and others dare to confront it.

Some only consume their time, and others fight in their realities.

Some don’t realize the real value they’re throwing away, and others enjoy small details.

Some don’t dare to dream, and others desire.

Some have nothing, and others are courageous, uncomplicated, and full of life.

Some lack sense, and not precisely because of those who have it.

Some waste their potential on excuses that not even they can believe. And others who take advantage of all their potential to change themselves and, in that way, change the world.

There are, and there will be, as there always should be a bit of everything: that’s how it is in our nature. The only difference will be: who will we be? Who do we want to be?

Some find it impossible to smile when they wake up, while others sleep with a smile.

There are those we wish not to see all day long and those we constantly need by our side.

Some emit negative energy just through their stare, and those that, when you see them, you can’t avoid smiling innocently due to the joy they share.

There are, and there will be because it’s in our nature. There will always be a bit of everything, but the question will be: who will you be?

To create

One of the reasons why I love my job is because of the simple fact that I can create something out of nothing, and I think that it is a feeling that is shared in many other professions.

I like what I do, to feel free within it. To feel accomplished is fundamental in our routine. Creating solutions, solving problems, creating new challenges, and reaching our goals should be our main job.

I get up each day excited to create and write down each idea, madness, possible solution, and each try in the end. To progress creating and daydreaming. To make all those ideas that were once born from an illusion.

To establish new challenges, to create more and more. To demonstrate to ourselves the responsibility boundaries of our imagination, proving our enormous power and responsibility. To give something to the world, innovate, show, and not just talk.

To reveal all that we can create. To prosper in the world, making. These are the reasons why we should love our work.