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Radical Candor Kim Scott

How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean

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Radical Candor is a management philosophy developed by Kim Scott, a former Google leader. It’s a crash course on how to be a great manager, focusing on being empathetic and results-oriented. The core idea is to create a stress-free environment where people feel safe to speak their minds, get their jobs done, and feel respected.

Key Insights

  • Command and control can hinder innovation and harm a team’s efficiency. Collaboration and innovation flourish when human relationships replace bullying and bureaucracy.
  • The goal of Radical Candor is to help managers and leaders achieve collaboratively what they cannot achieve individually, by caring about the people they work with.
  • Radical Candor is about being radically honest and open, while still being kind and respectful.

The Two Dimensions of Radical Candor

  • Care Personally: This dimension involves showing genuine interest in people’s lives, well-being, and goals. It’s about being human and empathetic.
  • Challenge Directly: This dimension involves giving specific, timely, and actionable feedback that is both kind and clear. It’s about being straightforward and results-oriented.

Avoiding the Three Behaviors

  1. Obnoxious Aggression: Being overly critical or aggressive.
  2. Ruinous Empathy: Being overly sympathetic or enabling.
  3. Manipulative Insincerity: Being insincere or manipulative in your feedback.

Radical Candor in Action

  • Give specific and sincere praise and kind and clear criticism.
  • Create a stress-free environment where people feel safe to speak their minds.
  • Focus on collaboration and innovation, rather than command and control.
  • Care about the people you work with and challenge them to do their best work.

By applying Radical Candor, managers and leaders can build strong relationships, motivate their teams, and achieve better results.

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